Hi, I’m Robin Vander Heyden

I’ve always had a passion for entrepreneurship.

During high school was when I got my first stint into the entrepreneurial world.

Back then, I was fascinated with music and was running a small webradio playing cool songs that my friends would send me over on MSN Messenger. I then realised other people like me wanted to run a webradio but needed servers in order to stream the music to their users and I thus set up a website where people could rent servers on a monthly basis and pay online. I asked my friend to code the website and within a few weeks we were making €25 to €50 per day which was more than enough pocket money for students.

This made me realise: You can make money on the Internet! After coming back from school I would run to my computer, check the sales I made, and then do my homework (or actually do my homework in the morning before going to school ^^)

After I graduated from high school, I went to study English in Australia and then decided to study law at Maastricht University, since I did not know what I wanted to do and I was kind of bad at maths so it seemed to be the best option.

I studied there for four years and besides my studies I started a letting agency for international students. In 4 years it became the biggest brand for student accommodation in Maastricht with 800+ properties rented, 200 landlords, and a turnover exceeding €250,000 per year with the vast majority being profits.

Unfortunately, some law changes in 2015 meant that running our business was not as profitable as before as agencies like us were not able to charge high fees like we used to do. Instead of making €250k/year we were making €25k/year which was harsh AF 🙂

After my graduation, I decided to go to Uganda to work in sales at a ridesharing startup (Safeboda) which was my first real job and also interned for two weeks at the Belgian Embassy there (I was supposed to intern for 3 months but I hated the job and left). With no real job and nothing to-do I had one option left: build anything new and work hard AF again!

I took a plane ticket to Asia to meet friends I made in Uganda who were living in Taiwan, took a short holiday there while traveling around the island and then went to meet friends from high school in Bangkok where I started my current venture: ManyPixels, a design-as-a-service for startups & corporates. We do everything from user interface design to graphic design to powerpoint presentations. We work with 25 designers located all over Asia and currently make about $10,000 a month in revenue (a number I hope to grow to 1 million $/year by the end of 2018 and will update you on my progress, a good way to be accountable and reach my goals ;-)).

Even though most of what I did was online work, I actually don’t have a lot of interest in tech itself but rather in its application as a business

In between all of this I also have a passion for architecture & design, writing, techno music & learning languages. I would love to speak Mandarin one day but I cannot find the time to do it 🙂 Aside from this, I also love traveling (My favourite places in the world are the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and Australia)

All in all, I love what I do & I couldn’t ask for more.

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